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Reviews - Guidelines

What should I say in my review?

Whatever you want, so long as it is true and unoffensive. If you are not yet a trusted reviewer, all comments will be screened by before going live on the site.

How long until my review appears on the site?

If you are a trusted reviewer, instantly. Otherwise, probably within a couple of hours. Certainly normally within 24 hours. If your review is not live after that then it may have not passed through the screening process as it was deemed abusive or of dubious reliability. Feel free to contact us if a review of yours does not make it onto the site and you feel strongly that it should.

Will you change what I enter for my review?

In order to maintain a consistent quality across the site, we will correct any typos, spelling or grammatical errors you make in your review. We will not change the actual meaning of your review.

If your review is deemed offensive, it will not be accepted onto the site, no matter how good your spelling and grammar is!

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Reviews - Hints and Tips

To make your review more useful to other users of the site, consider the following ideas:

  • On, you only give one rating for the business (it's not broken down into service, food, atmosphere etc). This makes it nice and easy for the user. If you want to comment on individual aspects such as service, food, atmosphere, just do it! Maybe something like this:
    Food: 5/5 - Couldn't have been better!
    Atmosphere: 4/5 - Beautiful surroundings
    Service: 3/5 - Didn't do the food justice
  • If you've eaten in other places that are similar, tell the reader! Say "if you like this place, try X, Y and Z!".
  • Mention the specific dishes that you ate, how much they cost and whether you'd recommend them. This makes your reviews appear more credible and is genuinely useful information for the reader.
  • Sum up your review with a "pro" and a "con" about the business. It seems to work well for a certain well known print-based restaurant guide for Aberdeen!

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Reviews - Sketches

Why should I draw a sketch to go with my review?

You absolutely do not have to draw a picture to go with your review! It's just a bit of fun and can make your review more interesting to the people who read it. It can be as simple as a smiley face to show you enjoyed the food or as detailed as you like. As an incentive, the best recent reviews with pictures will be shown on the home page.

How do I use the drawing tool?

It's pretty straight forward - start by clicking 'Reveal Drawing Tool'. If the drawing tool does not appear, you may need to download the Adobe Flash Player. Then just click and drag on the white canvas to draw your picture. Change the colour of your pen by clicking the coloured square; change the size of the brush by clicking the different thicknesses of lines and restart your drawing by clicking the 'clear' button.

Reviews - Email address

Why do you want my email address?

If you are not a member of, it is necessary to enter an email address to go with your review. Your email address will not be shown to visitors to the site. No reviews submitted by non-members are made publicly visible until they have been checked for obvious cases of abuse of the system. They are not, however, checked for authenticity unless a visitor to the site queries the a review by selecting to do so from the dropdown box at the end of a review. Only then will we use your email address to ask you to verify that the opinions you left on the site are honest and accurate.

Will you use my email address to send me marketing emails?

No. We will only send you an email if:
1. A visitor to the site has queried the validity of a review you left and we deem it appropriate to contact you to verify your review.
2. You have signed up for email updates from us from another section of the site.

Will you give/sell my email address to third parties?

Absolutely not! We hate spam and under no circumstances will release your details to any third parties.

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Reviews - Name

Why do you want to know my name?

If you are not a member of, it is necessary to enter a name to go with your review. You can enter whatever you like here. Beware, however, that it will make your review look more credible (and therefore more useful to others) if you are happy to put your real name to it.

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User Trust Rating

What does the percentage number mean after a member's name?

This number shows the "trust rating" for that user. The trust rating is based on a number of factors such as the number of reviews the user has written and how other users of the site have moderated that user's reviews. Other factors such as the length of the user's reviews and how long they have been using the site are also taken into account.

Guests on the site who have written reviews will always have low trust ratings as we have no way of verifying how many businesses they have reviewed - there is a much higher chance that they have been written by a representative of the business or a competitor and are therefore less trustworthy.

Users trust ratings are shown as a percentage of the trust rating of the current most trusted user of the site.

Use these trust ratings to help you decide whether or not to believe what the user has written about a business.

Remember, holds no responsibility for what users write on the site - all reviews posted on the site are the opinions of their respective authors, and not

Sign Up System

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Sign Up - Username

Your username can be any combination of letters and numbers at least 4 characters long. The sign-in process is not case sensitive, but any capital letters you do use in your username will be stored as such.

You can't change your username once you've signed up, so choose wisely!

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Sign Up - Email

Your email address must be valid. Although we will sign you up immediately without checking whether your email is valid, your account will not be upgraded to reviewer status until you have verified your email address by clicking the link contained in your welcome email.

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Sign Up - Password

Your password can be any compination of letters and numbers and must be at least 4 characters long. If you ever forget your password, just click the "Forgot your password?" link on the log in screen.

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Sign Up - OpenID

What is OpenID?

OpenID allows you to sign up to new services on the web without creating another username and password. With OpenID, you use the same username and password to sign into every site that supports OpenID.

If you already have an OpenID, you can essentially circumvent the sign up process - just enter your OpenID URL in the log in screen, accept the terms with your OpenID provider, and you're in. We'll automatically populate your profile with your real name, post code, gender and date of birth if you choose to share those details with us. The only details you have to provide are your username and email address.

To find out more about OpenID, visit the official OpenID site.

Your Profile and Privacy

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Your Profile - Contact Details

It is entirely optional for you to add your contact details to your profile on We will never share these details with anybody else and will only use them to improve our service to you. For example, in the future, the site will automatically show new reviews and businesses near to your address.

If we need to contact you (for example to send you and umbrella), we will use the details you supply in your profile.

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Your Profile - Personal Details

We will use any personal details you add to your profile to tailor the experience to you.

Also, any details you add to this section will be visible to other users of the site when they visit your profile, depending on your privacy settings.

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Account Privacy - Profile Privacy Setting

You can set your account privacy settings to various level according to how much of your personal information you are willing to share with visitors to the site.

  • Very high privacy
    Visitors can only see your username, reviews, favourite businesses and how long you have been using for.
  • High privacy
    Visitors can also see your age and gender.
  • Low privacy
    Visitors can also see your real name and full date of birth.

No matter what level of privacy you choose, your personal contact details (address, email address and phone number) will never be shown to visitors to the site.

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Account Privacy - Email Settings

Using the email settings in your profile you can choose what emails you receive from

By default, you will receive emails when there are important changes to your account that you need to be notified of - such as being upgraded to reviewer status or if somebody questions the validity of one of yuor reviews.

You will also receive occasional newsletter emails from us with information about what is new on the site.

You can choose not to receive any of these emails by changing these settings. Be aware, however, that if you opt to receive no email alerts at all from and somebody subsequently questions the validity of one of your reviews, we will have no option but to remove your review as we will not be able to contact you for verification.

You can also choose whether or not you are happy to receive emails with HTML formatting. We currently only send out plain text emails, but in the future this may change and you can set your preference here.

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Account Privacy - Newsfeed Setting

The newsfeed on the homepage of the site shows all visitors to the site what has been happening recently on This is a great feature as it directs visitors to recent content and shows people that the site is being actively used every day.

If you're the shy type and would rather your recent reviews and other activities on the site weren't advertised on the newsfeed, you can switch the newsfeed off.

You can also hide individual news stories relating to you be clicking the "hide" link that will appear beside each of your stories in the newsfeed.

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Your profile - image

You can add an image to your profile in the members section of the site. The image has to be in jpeg format. Just upload any sized jpeg image and we will crop and resize it as necessary. You can update your image whenver you want from your profile.

Business Adding/Editing

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Business Contact Details

Enter the basic contact details for the business in this section.

The only information that must be supplied is the name of the business, first line of the address, city, postcode and phone number.

Although the address of the business's own website can be given, this will not be shown on the site unless that website has a reciprical link to Link images and code can be found by following the "Link to this page" link on the detail page for the business

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Business Location

The location of the business will be automatically approximated based on the postcode supplied in the contact details section.

Often the postcode will not provide the exact location of the business. If this is the case, the location can be tweaked by simply dragging the marker on the map or clicking the new location.

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Business Details

This section allows you to specify the details of the business.

Business type
You can select as many business types are as appropriate to that business.

Food types
You can select three different food types that the business specialises in. For some business (such as cafes) it is not obvious what food type is most appropriate - in this situation, it is normally best to select "British". If the desired foodtype is not in the list, choose "other" at the bottom of the list. A text box will then appear and you can specify the food type. If there are more than three food types appropriate to the business, you can add more as extra tags.

Other details
Select other services that the business offers here. You can enter further information for each in the text box beside each dropdown. For example, if the business provides delivery, you could give information about the cost and range of delivery.

Price category
Choose the approximate cost of a typical main course at this business. This provides only a rough guide about the cost of a meal at the business. For cafes, this will almost always be cheapest option.

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Business Opening Times

It is optional to provide opening times for the business.

Up to four opening time "rules" can be added for each business. Each rule relates to a range of dates and times of opening. If a business is open for lunch and again in the evening, use two rules to describe the two periods of time.

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Business Photograph

It is optional to provide a photograph for the business.

Before you upload an image, make sure that you have obtained the appropriate permissions from the owner of the image.

The image must be supplied in JPEG format and be no more than 10mb in size. The image will be automatically resized.

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Business Tags

Tags are used by the system to categorise the site and aid in search results.

Tags will be automatically generated based on the information provided by the user for the business. If any other tags are appropriate to this business, they can be added in the text box provided. Each tag should by one word. Separate tags with spaces.


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The colours denote the main food or business type for each listing.

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