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Out and About? -!

Information about the mobile phone version of,

About is a specially adapted version of for your mobile phone. It contains all the same listings, menus and reviews as the full site, but arranged in a minimalist way to display quickly and clearly on a small screen.

Not sure why you would find a mobile version of useful? Consider the following:

  • You're not near a computer but need the phone number for a restaurant or takeaway. Would you normally phone 118118 even though it's a bit pricey? why not use
  • You turn up at a restaurant but haven't booked. Why not use to look for other businesses nearby that have been rated highly by other people?
  • You're on the way to a restaurant to meet some friends. You haven't been there before but know roughly where it is. Use to quickly display a map of the location.

Use the phone emulator on this page to see exactly what is like. You'll notice that it's a very one-way affair compared with - you can't add or edit listings or leave reviews. We figured it's best to leave the interactive stuff till when you're back at the comfort of a large screen!


You can try here. It will look slightly different on a real mobile phone, but you'll get the idea!